Anfield Cat Makes a Bid for Freedom!

Anfield Cat Makes a Bid for Freedom!

Shankly the cat who found fame wandering onto the pitch 11 minutes into the Liverpool home match against Spurs is on the loose once again.  The resourceful puss managed to smash his way through a sealed cat flap at his foster home in Crosby at the weekend and subsequently made his bid for freedom.

The friendly and laid back cat affectionately known as ‘Shanks’ had clearly had enough of the limelight and was overcome by the need to feel pavement beneath his paws once again.

We believe it likely that Shanks homing instincts will head him in the direction of Anfield and we would urge residents in the area to keep an eye out for him around his old stomping ground. Shankly still needs to be neutered and because of the sores and bites on his neck he hasn’t been micro chipped as yet.  Ideally both these things still need to happen.

Although in an experienced foster home at the time of his escape Shankly is still under the care of Freshfields, so we would like to be kept informed of any GENUINE sightings of the artful Tom.

At the same time we would also urge the public to not get carried away and assume that every other cat they spot is Shankly. There are many Tabby & White cats out there who are NOT Shanks and hopefully most will be a part of a happy and loving family and should not be interfered with!

Please email the Freshfields cattery if you have news of Shanks.

Thank You!